The Montgomery House {Moodboards}

The Montgomery House {Moodboards}

Montgomery Living Room

One of the biggest and longest running projects I have going on right now is for a dear friend who is building a beautiful new home that is almost done.  The house itself is a craftsman style home.  I can’t wait for you to see all of the beautiful craftsman windows, doors, and details of this home!

The style we are looking to achieve is modern farmhouse and we are using a lot of neutral graphics and texture, texture, texture.  We have been working together on this for over a year now and to see it coming into fruition is such a rewarding experience!  She took a risk on me several years ago when she first hired me to decorate her son’s nursery and is actually a big part of the reason I have this website and the business that I have now! Today I’m sharing with you the vision for her new living room, dining room, and foyer.


She loves all things vintage, chippy, and shabby chic.  She has some amazing pieces she’s found in places like Round Top, TX over the years and some beautiful old quilts handed down through her family.  I’ve pushed her to add some modern and clean lines into the mix a little for some contrast and she’s really let me take the lead on that.  I’m so excited to see how this all unfolds once we get everything into the house!   The design boards I make are just conceptual and of course we’ve made some changes to these as we’ve shopped and made purchases, but I will definitely show you the “afters” when we get to that point!


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