For Coffee, Tea, & Community

For Coffee, Tea, & Community

Homepointe New_7

In the church we were members of before we moved to our current city, I was asked to design an upstairs hang out spot called the Home Pointe Center. It is a little community coffee bar for families and teens and there’s a little info center with books and brochures, etc. There were also weekly bible studies hosted there. They envisioned kids coming up there to do homework, moms hanging out to drink coffee, etc. I was so honored and excited to work on this project! The overall style of the church was very traditional but they wanted this spot to have a much more modern, casual feeling to it.  I shopped a lot at Ikea and World Market.  The drum shade pendant lights were a great find from Overstock.  For the curtain rods we used galvanized piping to give it an industrial look.

Homepointe New_6 Homepointe New_5 Homepointe New_4 Homepointe New_3 Homepointe New_2 Homepointe New_1

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