A Textured, Graphic Living Room {After}

A Textured, Graphic Living Room {After}

Monday, I shared with you the before pictures (see that post here if you missed it).  Now, today, the finished product!

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_10wm

One side of that little entryway is now all chalkboard.  Here’s the other side (all of this is sitting on a white Ikea Kallax):

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_9wmBelow is the little office area and you can see the piece we found to hold the TV equipment. It fits perfectly in that spot next to the fireplace. We added a small rug for some texture, and changed out the chair for something more neutral.

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_8wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_7wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_6wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_0wmThe big change in here, besides some rearranging and the new tables, is the new pillows and the gallery wall.  If you’ll remember from before, she had several patterned pillows that were colorful, but every pillow had a similar shape, size, and the fabric itself had a similar shape and size to the pattern.  When mixing patterns and pillows, its best to choose only a few colors and then change up the patterns and textures.  You’ll see we have some larger patterns, a small stripe, a large stripe, that big black and white pattern, and then some solid pillows too, one of which has some big buttons and a chunky texture.  To add back in color, I like to use things like magazines, books, and even photographs and maps which we put in the gallery wall.  This helps to keep it from looking matchy-matchy.

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_1wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_2wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_4wmI’m excited to say this client has invited me back and I’ll be working on another project for them soon.  I love their home and their taste & style.  Looking forward to it and of course I will share it with you all! As always, thank you so much for reading! ❤

A Textured, Graphic Living Room

A Textured, Graphic Living Room



This living room had all the bare bones, it just needed a little pulling together. As you can see, she already had a great rug, some great neutral couches, and a lovely color on the wall. They had experimented with some different patterns on the pillows and knew they wanted more pattern and a little bit of color. I felt like we just needed some more texture and varying/contrasting patterns to make it work.

The House of Figs


I love that gray pouf she already had!  And the little office nook area below is just lovely!  That little blue piece below is housing all of the equipment for the TV which is above the fireplace, but not pictured. We needed a better solution that felt more to scale for that little tricky spot.IMG_8525

We also worked on this little foyer area just off the living room.  Its not really a foyer, but just an entry into the living room.  Below is the moodboard with a mix of ideas I had just for this little special spot…including my favorite little Ikea Kallax!


The House of Figs MB

I’ll be back later this week with the after pictures!

A Playroom {After}

A Playroom {After}

Several weeks ago I shared with you the moodboard of a playroom I was working on.  You can see that post here. Today I’m happy to share with you the finished room!

The House Of Figs Playroom

We created several different zones with words on the wall- Read, Play, and Create.  It turned out to be a fun and functional space for her kids to hang out!  The House Of Figs Playroom

The House Of Figs - Stewart Playroom_3 Small WM The House Of Figs PlayroomPictured below: Yes that is totally a floor lamp, but I am LOVING it sitting on that Ikea Kallax.  The scale is perfect and its just quirky and fun.  Its something she already had and when we had it on the floor, it was in the way of those big beautiful windows and just looked wimpy.  On the Kallax it went. Quirky and whimsical works in a playroom!

The House Of Figs - Stewart Playroom_2 Small WMThe Shel Silverstein pages framed in the “Read” area was all my client’s idea.  How fun is that?? I have always loved Shel Silverstein.  Such a great concept and goes so well in this little spot.

The House Of Figs Playroom

The House Of Figs - Stewart Playroom_5 Small WMI want to point out to you the frame around the thermostat.  That was another idea and find by my client.  She’s so creative!  Its so fun and makes the thermostat a piece of art on the gallery wall rather than an eyesore or just something to work around.

The House Of Figs Playroom

The House Of Figs PlayroomThis is a little nook just off the playroom between her boys’ bedrooms. She finished it a while ago, but I thought I’d share pictures because it flows well now from the playroom and is just so cute.

The House Of Figs - Stewart Playroom_8 Small WM The House of Figs Playroom

The House Of Figs - Stewart Playroom_11 Small WM The House Of Figs Playroom

This was a fun room to pull together. We used a lot of Ikea, Hobby Lobby, and some things she already had.  The letters were from all over the place, and a few even from Round Top. She found that lego table at a yard sale and refinished it, glued a big flat lego piece to the top and it is just the most adorable thing.  I think I could play all day in here!

Thanks for reading!!

Home Feature: Libbie Grove Design

Home Feature: Libbie Grove Design

The other day I went to buy some jewelry and look at kids’ clothes for sale at a friend of a friend’s house.  As soon as I walked in the door though, I wasn’t looking at jewelry and clothes, I was asking if I could take pictures of her amazing gallery wall.  I had met her before but had no idea she was a talented artist and gifted designer.  Turns out she has a blog too!  She graciously let me feature her home here and use the pictures from her blog rather than the terrible iPhone pictures I had taken while there.  This is some serious eye candy, my friends!  She has a great sense of scale and color.  I love her creativity and use of space!!

babyroom bedroom bedroom2 entryway

Here is that gallery wall that took my breath away in the living room.  Just beautiful!!  I also spy my favorite Ikea blanket.gallerywall girlsroom girlsroom2 kitchen kitchen2 library library2 Livingroom office

You can see much more on her blog at Libbie Grove Design.  She is also a talented graphic designer and has some great printables. She told me she hasn’t blogged in a while, but her current posts are so wonderful and worth a look, I think you’ll enjoy them!!

Thank you Kristy for letting me feature your home, and thank you everyone for reading! ❤