A Big Kid’s Space {My Oldest Son’s Room}

A Big Kid’s Space {My Oldest Son’s Room}

Today I’m talking about my oldest son’s room.  
He’s seven and reading real chapter books now, which kind of blows my mind.  He’s making signs and cards and hanging them up all over the place.  You can barely see the one above, but it says “Save the Rainforest.” Oh and that’s a Minecraft torch hanging on his wall.  Don’t know what Minecraft is?  I don’t really either… ask a 7 year old. 😉

A lot of the things hanging on this little gallery wall I’ve had in his room since he was born.  You can see his nursery in our old house here.  I noticed the other day that the silhouette looks a lot more like his little brother now though than it looks like him!  Speaking of that little brother, here he is now, adding to the chalk wall… and maybe stealing from the sticker collection. I didn’t really decorate this room with a “color scheme” in mind.  For kids rooms especially, I love for their toys and pictures and stuffed animals to dictate the color and the feeling of the room, so I stick to mostly neutral furniture and bedding.  I’ve let my son take the lead on a lot of the “decor” in this room- the legos, the stickers, the trophies, the Skylanders poster you see above.  (Similarly, if you’re not sure what Skylanders are, find a 7 year old to ask.)  I love that this room is all him.  There are a few elements though that I always make sure to include, even in a kids room.

 It might seem obvious, but storage is key.  My favorite Ikea Kallax is up there, holding lots of treasures, rock collections, random papers, superheroes, and books.

 Another essential is a grown up sized lamp.  He does have a small reading light on his bedside table, but on the Kallax is a big lamp I found at HomeGoods.  I covered the shade with fabric to brighten it up, but its still a large scale lamp.  Kids need good lighting too!  I love coming up there and finding him all cozy playing or reading without the overhead light on, only using his lamps.  I love being in a room like that! He enjoys it too.

Another element I chose for this room: real curtains and window treatments.  Not a tiny valanace- but long drapes, and a bamboo shade for texture.  It gives it the same feeling as the rest of our house.

And lastly, I think its important to buy real furniture. He does have a twin bed but it is real wood and we found it at a consignment shop years ago.  Even if it gets passed down to little brother eventually, its still a real piece of furniture that I can always use, repaint, etc- not a plasticky kid’s theme bed that will eventually end up in yard sale pile.  He also has a big dresser in his closet.  Obviously if the budget doesn’t allow, it just doesn’t allow and I’m not suggesting you go into debt over this. But maybe if you can save up for the real piece of furniture, or find something to refinish at a yard sale, consignment store, etc, I would say that’s the way to go.

So I treat it like I would any other room- real furniture, big lamps, great window treatments, good storage.  And then I let him have at it with the details.

Now here’s one of the best parts of this room… it has this huge closet that we’ve turned into a little play room/hideaway. Little brother likes to sneak in there and play, too. 🙂  IMG_1778

Thanks so much for reading! Have you found any ways to let your kid’s decorate their own rooms?  In a way that you still can enjoy as well?


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