For When You Need a Break

Its summertime and I’ve been in need of a break. I’m learning the balance between work and play, remembering I’ve only got 18 summers with them, but also knowing I need a little time for myself carved out in there too.  

Something had to give and it ended up being the blog for a time. 

I’ve still been working a bit and have a few projects to share with you.

I’ve been reading a ton (summer reading is the best!) and want to share those with you too.

But we’ve mostly just been going to the pool, staying up too late, watching too much TV, and taking a few little trips here and there. I’m stunned when I realize June is over and before we know it school will be back and the busyness and schedules will start up again. 

It’s funny how seasons are like that. Ever-changing. It’s been nice to just relax into this one.


So I’m still here, just doing my best to soak up this summer. Giving myself permission to take a break.