Adventures in Round Top

Adventures in Round Top

Oh Round Top, TX! What a wild and wonderful place. You never know what you may find. One of my dearest and oldest friends and I have braved antiques week out there about twice a year now for several years in a row and are figuring out our favorite stops. We can do it in a day because we live close and we definitely don’t try do it all. It’s a beautiful drive in the spring time, full of wild flowers, open fields, and old barns.

This year I was on the hunt for a lot of specifics. I have wall space left to fill for my install happening right now actually at the Montgomery House.  I made some great finds, but can’t show them to you yet! 😊

You just never know what you may find and it is some of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. One of the vendors I met told me she has designers from NYC who fly down and bring their clients to shop antiques week in Round Top because it is so unique!!   We mostly stick to the Warrenton area because its more garage sale type prices. You have to dig a little and the shops aren’t quite as styled, but we’re okay with that. Everything comes home with a layer of dust on it but it’s definitely worth it!

This place is so special, I even a had a very spiritual moment when I met Jesus. And he even put his arm around me.

See, I told you, you never know what you may find! 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!

The Pregnancy Center Meeting Rooms

The Pregnancy Center Meeting Rooms

The House of Figs My mom works at  pregnancy care center and when she asked me to help with sprucing up their three small meeting rooms, I was so excited.

Pregnancy Center2

It is such an honor to be involved in the ministry that goes on at this center.  It is also a challenge.  They want bright and light but not cutesy or overly cheery. Many of the girls and women that come through these rooms have been through a lot. I want  it to be a place of welcoming and belonging, without any pretense; nothing too bubbly, or overly put together.

Pregnancy Center3

Some of this will still be tweaked as I shop and things get ordered.  Paint will happen soon and we’ll set the date for the install. I will definitely share more of the process and of course pictures when its finished!

A Few Ikea Favorites

A Few Ikea Favorites

Do you have an Ikea close to you?  I don’t like to peruse much because it can be pretty overwhelming, especially when I try to take my kids, but I now have some tried and true favorites that I have depended on over and over again.  Head straight for the downstairs warehouse area (or online) and go right for these- they will not fail you!

I’ve mentioned them before but hands down, my favorite curtains are the Ikea Ritvas.

Ritva Curtains

The website picture really doesn’t do them justice, but they come in 98″ and 118″ long and range from $25-$35.  They hang so nicely and you really cannot beat the price for that length.  I really prefer to hang my curtains as long as possible- from ceiling to floor.  That can be expensive with custom fabric, which is why I tend to use Ikea curtains.  Hang them with a nice thick, dark curtain rod for contrast and they are just beautiful.

Another favorite that I use quite frequently is the Ikea Ribba frame.  It has a modern look to it- no beveling, and comes with a matte.  Only $10 for an 8×10.  They also come in a big square and other smaller sizes. They are great to mix and match with other frames you may already have.  I have them all over my home, here are just a few spots.

The Eivor throw blanket is a great one for a classic black and white stripe.  Who doesn’t love black & white?  It goes with almost everything.  I use this blanket along with this pillow (The Lappjung Ruta) quite frequently (for myself and clients) because they are just so fun and graphic but don’t require a lot of color commitment.


As for furniture, I have a few go-to favorites.  I pretty much love anything from the Hemnes line.  Most of it is real wood and they have simple but clean moldings that make them look a little nicer than your typical Ikea furniture pieces.  You do have to put everything together for yourself, but that’s how they are able to keep prices so low.  They come in some great colors.  We have a dresser and some bookshelves from this line.

hemnesblue hemnesbrown Hemnesdresser hemneslinen

Finally, the shelf formerly known as the Expedit.  When I heard they were discontinuing the Expedit, I nearly cried.  Seriously.  We have two of these, and I recommend them to friends and clients all the time.  It is the most versatile, useful, and inexpensive piece of furniture I have ever owned.  But then I found out they just updated and renamed it!  So cry no more, my friends!  May I introduce, the new and improved Kallax.

kallaxwhite kallaxpink kallaxgreen kallax

It comes in several different size configurations and colors now!  So fun. It can be turned vertically or horizontally and there are so many choices of canvas and woven baskets that fit perfectly in the squares for storage.  We have one in my oldest son’s room and one in our entry way. Both of ours are white, which actually I still think I would choose if I bought them now just because of the versatility.

 It can be grown up or kid friendly.  Create more storage in a closet, or dress it up with some matching lamps in a foyer.  You can even put legs on it and make it tall enough to be a changing table in a baby’s room.  The opportunities are endless!

Is there anything at Ikea that you love?  What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear!

For Coffee, Tea, & Community

For Coffee, Tea, & Community

Homepointe New_7

In the church we were members of before we moved to our current city, I was asked to design an upstairs hang out spot called the Home Pointe Center. It is a little community coffee bar for families and teens and there’s a little info center with books and brochures, etc. There were also weekly bible studies hosted there. They envisioned kids coming up there to do homework, moms hanging out to drink coffee, etc. I was so honored and excited to work on this project! The overall style of the church was very traditional but they wanted this spot to have a much more modern, casual feeling to it.  I shopped a lot at Ikea and World Market.  The drum shade pendant lights were a great find from Overstock.  For the curtain rods we used galvanized piping to give it an industrial look.

Homepointe New_6 Homepointe New_5 Homepointe New_4 Homepointe New_3 Homepointe New_2 Homepointe New_1