Adventures in Round Top

Adventures in Round Top

Oh Round Top, TX! What a wild and wonderful place. You never know what you may find. One of my dearest and oldest friends and I have braved antiques week out there about twice a year now for several years in a row and are figuring out our favorite stops. We can do it in a day because we live close and we definitely don’t try do it all. It’s a beautiful drive in the spring time, full of wild flowers, open fields, and old barns.

This year I was on the hunt for a lot of specifics. I have wall space left to fill for my install happening right now actually at the Montgomery House.  I made some great finds, but can’t show them to you yet! 😊

You just never know what you may find and it is some of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. One of the vendors I met told me she has designers from NYC who fly down and bring their clients to shop antiques week in Round Top because it is so unique!!   We mostly stick to the Warrenton area because its more garage sale type prices. You have to dig a little and the shops aren’t quite as styled, but we’re okay with that. Everything comes home with a layer of dust on it but it’s definitely worth it!

This place is so special, I even a had a very spiritual moment when I met Jesus. And he even put his arm around me.

See, I told you, you never know what you may find! 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!