Whimsical and Bold Living Room Design

Whimsical and Bold Living Room Design

A former client of mine is moving and asked me to decorate her new home! So exciting. She said she wanted something different, maybe a little more bold, some brighter colors, but wasn’t exactly sure yet. I was feeling inspired and kind of took that and ran with it one night and came up with this:

Bright Living Room.001

At the time I was totally inspired by all the overdyed Persian rugs out there, Hygge & West’s beautiful wallpaper patterns, and I LOVE the look of black painted built ins and window sashes when paired with crisp white walls. But, let’s just say it was a little too bold for her taste. ūüėČ ¬†That’s totally okay! ¬†It definitely¬†would be too much for me to live in everyday as well. ¬†Y’all know I love neutrals! But I love looking at all the color and pattern¬†in this collage, don’t you? ¬†All the brightness, that rug, the brass light fixtures? ¬†That pattern on the lower right is a lovely wallpaper which we actually are still going to use. ¬†And some of the brass is still staying as well. I’ll update you on the progress of this project as it happens, its going to be beautiful! ¬†Though not quite as crazy¬†and bright- beautiful, all the same.

Have a great Tuesday!


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