My Living Room

My Living Room

The House of FigsI am loving this new view!  (See the before pictures in my previous post here) Every time I walk in, it make me smile.

I took this opportunity to restyle and clean up our bookshelves as well.  I love to read and we have tons of books.  Maybe I’ve said this before but books are one of my favorite things to decorate with.  They’re an easy way to add in color without being matchy-matchy.  They aren’t part of a “color scheme” they’re just part of life!  They make a room feel lived in and real, not like a showroom or a catalog.  I realize though that every book I own doesn’t need to be on display in our living room so I took some down because it was feeling a little cluttered and full.  Its nice to have a little white space, too.  I love that big “stick” thing on the left from Homegoods- I feel like it adds a lot of texture.  The top right jar is from Turkey, my husband got it on a mission trip.

The House of Figs

The bottom shelves that you can’t really see from the living room are full of books and toys for the kids.  Like I have said before, when you have preschool aged kids playing all day at home, its great to have an area in the main living room for organized toy storage.  Okay so maybe mine isn’t completely organized.  But at least from the main view it is tidy and out of sight, mostly.  Its nice at the end of the day to be able to toss everything onto those lower shelves and get it off the living room floor, couch, ottoman, etc.

You never really know what you might find back there, but here’s the behind the scenes view today: 

You know I like to keep it real! 🙂 Those baskets do help a lot but our toy collection always seems to overflow. You know how it is! And I’m totally okay with it.  The is the season of life I’m in and I embrace it!  I make our house work for us, not the other way around.  I do like to see a clean and clutter free living room from where I sit at the end of the day and I can accomplish that in a stress-free way by having my littles help pick up their toys and put them in some baskets and stuff them behind the couch.  Is it perfect? No. Does it work for us? Absolutely! That’s part of how we make our house a home.

The House of Figs

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found some inspiration and maybe even some stress-free purposeful beauty. ❤


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