There’s no place like HOME (decorating my living room)

There’s no place like HOME (decorating my living room)

I shared on Instagram last week this picture of my living room:  While I love our high ceilings and natural light, I’ve never known what to do with that blank space over the IKEA bookshelves. I love those shelves (and their price tag) but they are not the tallest.

After searching for inspiration, I came across this picture from the talented Brynn Gustafson on her Instagram page. This is at her sister in law’s house.


I knew my next trip to Round Top would be the perfect time to hunt for something similar. I came home with this guy:

Ha!! I think the perspective makes it look bigger than it really is, but it is pretty big.

It was also pretty heavy and still full of lighting tubes. That was an easy fix though as it all came out in one piece.

Once that all came out it was actually pretty light! Here are the rest of the letters I found… Not nearly as large but I think they all look great together… and will look even better cleaned up, painted, and hanging over those shelves! Here’s my man working hard last night to make my vision a reality!

After pics to come soon! Thanks for reading!!

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