Home Feature: Libbie Grove Design

Home Feature: Libbie Grove Design

The other day I went to buy some jewelry and look at kids’ clothes for sale at a friend of a friend’s house.  As soon as I walked in the door though, I wasn’t looking at jewelry and clothes, I was asking if I could take pictures of her amazing gallery wall.  I had met her before but had no idea she was a talented artist and gifted designer.  Turns out she has a blog too!  She graciously let me feature her home here and use the pictures from her blog rather than the terrible iPhone pictures I had taken while there.  This is some serious eye candy, my friends!  She has a great sense of scale and color.  I love her creativity and use of space!!

babyroom bedroom bedroom2 entryway

Here is that gallery wall that took my breath away in the living room.  Just beautiful!!  I also spy my favorite Ikea blanket.gallerywall girlsroom girlsroom2 kitchen kitchen2 library library2 Livingroom office

You can see much more on her blog at Libbie Grove Design.  She is also a talented graphic designer and has some great printables. She told me she hasn’t blogged in a while, but her current posts are so wonderful and worth a look, I think you’ll enjoy them!!

Thank you Kristy for letting me feature your home, and thank you everyone for reading! ❤

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