The Beginnings of a Beachy Glam Living Room

The Beginnings of a Beachy Glam Living Room

The House of Figs Living RoomWhen I walked into this house, I was excited.  The room had great “bones” and beautiful natural light. The family hadn’t lived here long and the room was just unfinished.  The client asked me to use the existing furniture and help her to bring it all together.  As you will see, the existing furniture is quite beautiful, so that was not a difficult task at all!



She wanted to keep the rug and of course we all want to make the most of our budget.  I felt like the rug was just a little too small for this big room though. My solution for a too small rug that you love is to layer it with a larger rug.  A seagrass or jute rug underneath is a nice way to expand the size and it brings in a little rough and earthy texture to contrast the glam look of all the nailhead trim on the furniture she had. It also kind of gives it a little beachy vibe which she was totally on board with. This family has three kids and they want their home to feel casual and inviting, so I felt like it needed a little laid back earthiness along with the glam.IMG_6096

The coffee table just wasn’t the right size or feel for the room either so we wanted to update that along with the pillows and just other accessories.


Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back later this week with the after pictures!

6 thoughts on “The Beginnings of a Beachy Glam Living Room

  1. I like “hearing” all of your background thoughts as you first look at a room…so much to consider that I would never have thought of……looking forward to seeing the finished product after you give it the “earthiness” touch!

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  2. I’m not finding the sources. I click on picture but just get a larger picture. Are there links someplace I’m missing?


    1. Sorry, out of respect for my clients I do not share all the sources. And unless it’s my own home, I haven’t put any on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram I will occasionally share some of the sources there though. Thank you so much for reading!


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