The Art Nook that is No More

The Art Nook that is No More

artnookbefore This giant art nook has been the bane of my decorating existence.  I’m not a statue person.  I’m not a giant vase (rhymes with gauze) person.  I mean, I even have a big vase with branchy stuff, but it looks wimpy in this humongous “nook.” Its not even a nook, really.  Its more like a pedestal where a tall person could stand.  We joked about some kind of statue or relief coming out of the wall.  Or turning it into the time-out spot for the kids, haha!  Really, I could not come up with a solution, so I ignored it.  It has sat empty for the two and a half years we have lived here.  I felt like any amount of money I could have spent to fill it up with things I would only dislike, I could put toward paying someone to fill it in.  So that’s what I finally did. artnookprogress2 artnookprogress

Here is my kind and loving husband who would have been happy enough to leave the darn thing empty and as is, helping me to paint over the freshly textured wall.  And here it is today!  A nice, flat, non-nooked wall.


I have some ideas for this space, but here are a few inspiration pictures I’ve been looking at…



laurenliessinsp laurenliessinsp2

The two above are actually the same room, just different angles and lighting.  I love the large mattes and matching frames.






Do you have any spots like that in your home?  What would you have done? Any ideas for what I should do now?

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “The Art Nook that is No More

  1. I’m still wanting to put lots of family pics on my stairway wall, but it has sat empty for 27 years! I guess because I can’t decide if I like all the same frame color? Or maybe because I don’t know how to represent all family members at different stages of life? I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your wonderful new wall!!!


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