Nursery Planning

Nursery Planning

When we first moved in to our house, we weren’t certain this room would become a baby’s room.  But about 6 months later, I was pregnant and what had become a nice little office and guest room, had to start making way for baby number 3! Here’s what the room looked like when we first moved in.  As you can see, lots of natural light.  Not always a great thing in a baby’s room when you’re wanting them to sleep in the middle of the day!.  

House Pics Before_20House Pics Before_18 Here are some of the designs that inspired me when planning for this room:

I poured over this picture for hours.  I love the mix of old and new, antiques and baby books, the dark moody walls, the bright rug, just adore.



Even though I knew I was having a boy, I was still drawn to this space.  As you saw in the before pictures, the room was BRIGHT.  So I needed a window solution.  This embroidered pelmut and coordinating ottoman is so fun.  I also love bamboo shades for texture and grown up lamps in kids’ rooms.



I love the Ikea Hemnes line, and I was pretty sure we’d be using this dresser in his room, so I loved this picture and how they styled that dresser and added different hardware to it!  And once again, another grown up lamp.



I pretty much adore anything by designer Lauren Liess.  This was her third baby’s nursery.  Once again the dark, moody walls, and I also loved how she didn’t make it feel super babyish.  Something about that really appealed to me this time around after doing two pretty bright and babyish nurseries before. nurseryinspiration5


Lastly, even with dark &  moody on my mind, I still couldn’t get away from my love of light and bright.  Plus I was just in love with the look of this rocker and ottoman.



Stay tuned! Next up, I will share with you how his room turned out!


3 thoughts on “Nursery Planning

  1. Bethany, I’m really enjoying reading your thoughts and all the details about how you come about getting your inspiration!… have such an eye and feel for the mood of a room, and I’m enjoying this journey in your blog, seeing the process of it all…..I’m getting inspired myself, just hearing you describe things like light, texture, color, hardware, contrasting styles… it!


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