Our First Home

We lived here for seven years.  This place was decorating school for me.


Living Room 1

Of course I still have a lot to learn, but those seven years taught me a lot. I can’t tell you how many times I painted that living room until it ended up this shade of gray!  I didn’t even know gray was what I was trying to go for when I painted it a brownish shade of beige that looked like a Wendy’s Frosty in good light and a band-aid in bad light.  Yikes.  I just had this greige-ish vision in my head and had to make it come alive! Olympic’s Silver Dollar, still one of my absolute favorite and most recommended paint colors, is what I ended up with.  Its actually now the color of my kitchen cabinets- I’ll show you those one day!

Dining Room 2

Those striped curtains are the Ikea Ritva curtains with a dark navy stripe painted on, just like I did in my daughter’s room.

Dining Room 1

I wish I had better blog worthy, portfolio worthy photos for you here but these were actually the photos we took when we were selling the house!  My style has changed a lot and it was fun when we moved to incorporate a lot of the same pieces but with a different feel.  We loved that little 1200 square foot house and it served us well but there were things we were ready to say goodbye to as well.  That window in the dining room was the only window for the whole living area.  So when we looked for houses my main goal was natural light and lots of it.  Also, we installed those wood floors ourselves and they sure looked beautiful, but if you’ve ever had dark wood floors and small children, you know its so hard to keep them clean!  So that changed a little as well.

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